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Open Programs

Our expert faculty and staff teach programs that are open to anyone looking to expand their business horizons. Programs offered range from intensive week-long sessions to morning Business and Bagels sessions.

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In this two-day seminar, you will learn how to create the management architecture to manage across silos, identify core processes, coordinate cross-functional efforts, launch strategic process optimization and redesign projects and facilitate cross-functional understanding of process management necessities.
This comprehensive, five day seminar focuses on the day-to-day tools and techniques you need to manage projects that deliver good business results on time and on budget.
The four week Certificate Course in Railway Management with classroom and field experiences
4 unit program for Nursing Home Administration that allows participants to sit for the State of Michigan exam.
Railway Management Certificate Program 4-One week sessions.
This two-day program is targeted at senior managers who are interested in expanding their knowledge of finance and the role of financial choices and financial metrics in strategic decision-making and value-creation.
This program will help you understand the difference between cash flow and income statement and will improve your understanding of basic financial data.
Midland Research Institute for Value Chain Creation Summit: Furthering the Bold Research Vision
This program will explore the process of strategic decision making and will aim to identify issues that both impede and improve the likelihood of decision success.
This two-day program will help to develop your critical thinking ability and maximize reasoning effectiveness.
This program is ideal for emerging women leaders and will provide a model to brand and position yourself for advancement in your organization.
This program is designed to build the skills that sales managers need to maximize organizational performance.
This program is designed to provide participants with the knowledge and tools required to direct the sales function strategically.
Enhance your negotiation skills, improve your ability to influence and manage conflict.
This two-day program will improve your understanding of your natural leadership style and how to maximize effectiveness of your team.
Nursing Home Administration Unit 2
Nursing Home Administration Unit 3
Nursing Home Administration
This is among the oldest and most prestigious logistics and supply chain management seminars in the world designed for experienced executives and functional managers concerned with design and execution of global supply chains.
This is among the oldest and most prestigious purchasing and supply chain management seminars in the world designed for experienced executives and functional leaders concerned with designing and executing state-of-the-art purchasing strategies (includes both faculty and industry executive speakers).
These online programs are designed for water/wastewater management professionals to assist in their ongoing supervisory, management and communication skills (may support state level certification/recertification requirements).
This online program benefits professionals across industries and levels who contribute to their organization’s performance. Master strategic management and decision making concepts, create competitive advantages and implement long-term strategies. Upon completion of this dynamic series, you’ll develop a comprehensive skill set to move business strategies from the “idea stage” to “big picture” implementation.
This online program, benefitting professionals in all areas of the supply chain and more specifically those in the logistics and distribution area, is designed to provide successful strategies for an integrated supply chain. Learn how to drive operational excellence with logistical tools to maximize customer service and profitability in your market distribution strategy.
This online program is ideal for professionals working in any capacity of operations in the supply chain and is designed to provide insight into effective planning and operations, as well as the integrated supply chain overall. Master a variety of decision tools for maximum efficiency, improving your competitive performance and your bottom line.
Gain critical insight into how to manage the flow of products from sourcing and acquisition through delivery to the customer. Benefitting procurement and sourcing professionals especially, this online program can help you achieve a competitive advantage through the development and implementation of a successful procurement strategy.
This online program is ideally suited for professionals looking to improve their skills and knowledge base across the functions within the integrated supply chain. From strategic sourcing and procurement to operations to logistics and distribution, this certificate provides essential tools and techniques you can apply in this rapidly changing industry.
Master all facets of the new paradigm of supply chain management with this comprehensive online certificate program. Providing the essentials every supply chain professional needs in this competitive environment, this program covers end-to-end integration, value creation, supply chain innovation, market distribution, procurement, planning and control.
In this increasingly competitive industry, your customers’ satisfaction can make or break your organization’s overall success. This online program explores the critical behind the scenes functions and front of the house solutions necessary for providing the best quality experience for your customers. Develop your leadership abilities and gain valuable management techniques across hospitality operations.
Organizations face change for a number of reasons – from adding a new sales process or a new department, to going paperless or going public. This online certificate program reveals how you can leverage change management strategies, leadership styles and workforce design to effectively initiate, implement and manage change.
Industry-wide, human resources is now recognized as a strategic partner in business success. Demand is high for HR professionals who can strategically manage and develop an effective workforce. Through this online program you will build the skills to align HR processes with overall organizational objectives, attract and retain top talent, and maximize employee performance.
To successfully implement and execute a global strategy, managers across the organization not only need the ability to identify and leverage their company’s competitive advantages, but also the ability to build and manage business relationships across cultures. In this online professional certificate, you’ll explore how processes, people, culture and organizational structure work together to create a winning strategy in the competitive global economy.
Supply chain globalization has transformed how and where value is created – globalization is now embedded directly into an organization’s value proposition. The demand for supply chain professionals with capabilities of looking beyond borders and their functional roles increases as the rapid rate of globalization continues. Gain a competitive advantage in emerging global markets through the coordination and integration of your company’s logistics, operations, purchasing and market channels.
This online program examines the critical role supply base management plays in the success and competitive positioning of an organization. It reveals the “how” and “why” of rethinking and evolving your current sourcing and supply base strategies. Discover the most effective methods for evaluating and negotiating with suppliers, and creating sustainable competitive advantage for your organization and across the supply chain.
This online program provides a fundamental understanding of how to leverage data to improve business performance, drive immediate decision making and develop long-term strategy. Each of the three programs builds upon the last to provide you with a comprehensive knowledge base across business, data management and application.
Through this online program you’ll gain critical insight into how to effectively evaluate and select suppliers as well as manage the flow of products from sourcing and acquisition through delivery to the customer.
Since 1981, the Center for Simplified Strategic Planning (through its Strategic Focus on strategy and strategic management services) has provided client companies strategic planning tools and leadership required to obtain superior strategic results.